Angela Tilghman

Senior Healthcare Interior Designer

Angela Tilghman is a seasoned designer with more than ten years' experience in the Healthcare Design arena. Since she began her career in interior design, her focus has been bettering healing environments and improving patient outcomes. Angela has worked to create healing environments with the Center for Health Design on a Pebble project with Washington Hospital Center and the ER One Institute. She has presented fractal design concepts on Capitol Hill and worked on the schematic design of the federal initiative ER One, researching evidence bases design solutions. She is well versed in signage and wayfinding, executing signage planning and documents almost exclusively.

Angela is SEPS trained to work with the VA and DoD for project programming, and planning for construction, relocation, feasibility studies and equipment.

Angela’s interior design background is almost exclusively in the Healthcare arena ranging from Inpatient Acute Care, Outpatient Clinics, Institutions, and Assisted Living. Her knowledge of special needs facilities is invaluable. Additionally, she is a team player and has coordinated projects with industry partners, venders, contractors, architects and engineers with the intent of creating the best spaces for it end users.