Meadowview Dementia Care Facility

Meadow View is a 40-bed facility, designed exclusively for residents with Dementia. The thought and planning of this project was to establish an environment that encompasses and promotes the aspects of memory that enable the resident. The philosophy was to not prohibit the residents, but to encourage their participation in daily activities with a sense of community.

The Interior Design creatively responds to the special needs of the senior population that are in the beginning stages of progressive Dementia. Instead of providing sensory spaces to be intermingled within the resident living quarters and thereby creating long corridors to traverse, and no distinction from one cluster of resident rooms to another. Concepts were presented to bring the majority of the sensory spaces to the center of the building with four individual entrances creating a town center or village.

The thought was to recreate buildings or images that a person would remember from their childhood. Some of the sensory spaces that have been incorporated within the town center are: a Band Stand, Chapel, Library, Dining Gazebo, Activity Barn, General Store, Post Office, Pet Store, Beauty/Barber Shop and their own version of the Hawkeye Stadium. By providing all these structures a central location within the building, this will in turn help the staff in providing care and management of the individual residents, as well as provide multi-functional use of the space.

Project Scope

  • Healthcare
  • Interior Design

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