Medstar Washington Hospital Center – ER One (MI2)

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The Bridge to ER One is a dual function project. It provides much needed expansion space for Washington Hospital Center growing Emergency Department while providing an opportunity to research, test, observe and provide evidence-based recommendations for the developing ER One project.

Huelat Davis, the interior design consultant has had the opportunity to participate in the design team’s research, development and implementation of the Bridge to ER One project. The following is a brief outline of the multi-faceted approach. The interior design outcomes illustrated within this new environment will be further analyzed, tested, and researched for evidence-based design and appropriateness for the ER One Project.

Creating a healing environment for an urban emergency department is a challenge that requires the consideration of many factors. The added complexity of developing an environment for all risk readiness, acts of terrorism and mass causalities required a design approach for an environment and materials that currently do not exist. Addressing this challenge mandated that the design team partner with diverse professionals of clinical, medical and behavioral research, engineering, medicine, healthcare practitioners and equipment and furniture manufacturers.

Interior Design Philosophy – Our approach was to create an experiential environment for patients, families and staff that is conducive to healing, promotes well-being, provides a positive outlook and makes it easy for staff to use. This environment must also adjust to any given emergency situation while maintaining the quality of care, service, and sterility with an aesthetic that mitigates stress due to emergent circumstances. The design outcome is not the final recommendation for ER One but a work in process to allow the team to maximize the efficiency, usefulness and power of the design elements.

Project Scope

  • Interior Design
  • Design Research
  • Healthcare

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