Cody Rixse

Design Professional

Cody grew up and lived most of his life in Anchorage, Alaska. His parents grew up in Southeastern Colorado and all his grandparents lived in the state, so he frequently visited as a child. As a result, it was a natural place for him to end up and do is graduate studies at the University of Colorado Denver, earning a Master of Architecture in summer 2022. Cody is following a long-time goal, having been interested in architecture since around 11 years old and drew himself as an architect on a project for his 6th grade graduation with the prompt of “future career.” He has designed and seen several small-scale projects built (largely backyard decks) with his most recent a multi-level deck on a steep lakeside slope in Anchorage in 2021. Cody joined Davis Partnership in the second half of 2022, enjoying his time in the commercial studio.

While not at work, Cody loves to travel and has been on several month-or-more-long trips over the years with his most recent at the end of his graduate degree, studying in Barcelona for 3 weeks and an extra month traveling around Europe and Iceland. He really enjoys living in Denver and loves all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer with a keen interest in skiing in the wintertime.