CDOT – Traffic Management Center Video Wall & Operator Console

The CDOT CTMC is a project that has recently completed the Contract Document process and is a prime example of the coordination success with SSG MEP and Davis Partnership Architects. The project manager for CDOT in control of this project was unfamiliar with the SBP as this department typically focuses on roadway endeavors. The strength in this project is Davis Partnership and SSG MEP’s familiarity with the Design/Bid/Build process and our ability to aid the project manager in understanding the process of this type of project. This project has experienced successful design in coordinating pre-engineered control consoles, complicated ITS/Electrical demands, and writing project manuals to meet the state requirements for competitive bidding and adherence to the Buy America act in concert with the Governors Green Build initiatives. Davis Partnership is itself a certified Green Office by the City of Denver.

Project Scope

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Public Service
  • Civic

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