Davis Partnership Architects & Barbara Huelat have formed a Strategic Partnership

Posted April 18, 2014 by fireant admin

On January 8, 2014 Barbara Huelat of Huelat Parimucha Healing Design, and the Principals of Davis Partnership Architects, formed a strategic partnership to better serve existing and new clientele. Huelat Parimucha Healing Design, long known for their expertise in patient centered healthcare projects, will now be practicing as Huelat Davis Healing Design with support from Davis Partnership Architects

“From our first meeting I could tell that Davis Partnership was committed to elevating the joy and dignity of the human experience in all aspects of their design”, said Barbara Huelat, Principal of Huelat Davis. “I knew our firms shared some commonalities, but after in-depth conversations about what drives us, our values and cultures. It was clear we were destined to form this partnership.”

Each company brings their unique design skills and processes, creating a more dynamic and specialized architecture and design company. Davis Partnership Architects has consistently been one of the top design firms in the Rocky Mountain West, both in size and dollar volume of work. Huelat Davis will remain a woman owned small business and provide the same service customers expect from a boutique architecture and design firm with the full support of Davis Partnership’s resources and long-established expertise. Together, Huelat Davis is a synergistic partnership assembling the natural talent, breadth of experience, and innovative practices of two prominent design firms shared in purpose, culture, passion, and vision.

“Our new partners in Alexandria, Virginia will provide both Davis Partnership and Huelat Davis expanded opportunities across the United States and offer our clients excellence in design and client service. Each of our firm’s abilities brings value to the table, we really complement each other”, said Gary Adams, Principal of Davis Partnership Architects about the recently formed enterprise.

About Davis Partnership Architects

Founded in 1892, Denver-based Davis Partnership Architects is one of the largest architecture, landscape architecture, planning and interior design firms in the Rocky Mountain West. With a staff of more than

145 architects, landscape architects, interior designers and support personnel, the firm offers clients a diverse range of architectural and design services. Davis Partnership Architects is committed to delivering unparalleled client service, thoughtful, contextual design and consistently elegant solutions. For more information please visit: http://davispartnership.com

Davis Partnership Architects’ completed a practice to define “Why” we do what we do, what drives us, and what do we provide to the world. The outcome of the process was this “Why” statement.

 “Together we are driven

to create places that inspire

elevating the joy and dignity

of the human experience”

About Huelat Davis

Founded in 1991, Huelat Davis has been at the vanguard of the patient-centered movement. As a woman owned, small business, and certified Planetree firm, they are internationally recognized for the design of healing environments that improve patient outcomes and deliver greater value for providers. For more information please visit: http://www.healingdesign.com/