Davis Partnership Architects (Denver, CO) provides comprehensive project planning and design services to institutional, corporate, governmental, and private clients. As one of the most prominent multi-disciplinary design firms in the Rocky Mountain West, our professional staff offers a full scope of architectural services as well as master planning, landscape architecture, interior design, lighting design and wayfinding/experiential design. The firm’s diverse skills attract commissions for a wide range of building types at a national level, with particular expertise in commercial, mixed-use, healthcare, higher education, multi-family, and cultural facilities.

Our compensation and benefits packages are industry competitive and include health insurance, 401(k), and paid vacation, etc.

Current Openings

*Davis Partnership Architects is an Equal Opportunity Employer
*Notice to disabled applicants: Contact Liz LoSasso in Human Resources (303-861-8555) to request assistance or reasonable accommodation with the application process.

What’s it like to work at Davis Partnership!

Collaboration – An interdisciplinary approach drives the practice. Davis Partnership is committed to a collaborative multi-disciplinary process that integrates the building, its site, interiors, lighting and signage into a single, coordinated and expressive solution. Davis Partnership can offer a la carte services, but the true synergies shine when providing their full spectrum of services. Clients benefit from having multiple disciplines under one roof. The ability of DPA staff to coordinate, have informal team meetings or walk a short distance to ask a question delivers great value to clients and their projects.

Advocate Program – Each staff member is given the opportunity to develop a strong professional relationship with a member of the leadership team. The advocate is supposed to represent a person’s interests to the Firm by understanding their capabilities, talents and interests, and recognize their ongoing contributions to the firm. An advocate is also tasked with understanding each individual’s professional goals, particularly as they relate to Davis Partnership, and provide a communication link between the individual and the firm that allows for individual goals, needs, and contributions to be conveyed.

25% Leadership – We believe in a very flat, horizontal, management structure and 25% of the firm is involved in the firm leadership. This allows more people to participate in decision-making and implementations processes with an opportunity to contribute to the management and direction of the firm. As an organization, we are able to respond to fresh new ideas, engage more youthful energy, be more responsive to staff interests, and keep staff engaged, motivated, and growing in their career.

Design Always – Professional education in our industry often disproportionately emphasizes design and visualization skills and graduates early in their career are often discouraged by the amount of time and energy required in the technical documentation phases of getting buildings built. Our Design Always initiative seeks to engage all staff at every level and in every capacity in looking at every task as having an opportunity for elegant design and design is not something that is limited to the early phases of project development. We want all staff to see design as a continuous effort, requiring careful consideration of the details throughout every step of the design process

4@4×4 – Is an office-wide social event led by four junior staff members with 1-year appointments that occur once a month at 4:00p with the goal creating a broad variety of social interactions by which staff whom do not regularly work together, have an opportunity to know more about each other. Past events have included chili cook-offs, beer tastings, locked room mysteries, art and hobby shows, leadership baby picture name association. Beer and snacks are always featured.

Community Outreach – In 2017 Davis Partnership celebrated its 50th Anniversary with Donate 5.0. This initiative asked ALL staff to volunteer at least 5-hours of community service in 2017, with a goal of reaching 750 volunteer hours. Staff participated in numerous and diverse community events over the year volunteering with over thirty organizations that included outreach to community children, homeless, elderly, veterans, environment, neighborhoods, global initiatives and animals. We were honored and humbled that our great staff collectively logged 2,992 volunteer hours, far surpassing our original goal. Annually, staff-led Community Service continues to be a cornerstone of office life with monthly opportunities to participate as an office with staff members.

Travel Experience – In recognition of our employees’ contributions and celebrating 50 years of serving the Rocky Mountain Region in 2018, the Partners at Davis Partnership Architects afforded each employee one-week accommodations of their choosing in Prague, Vancouver or Santa Fe. A fitting tribute to Rodney Davis who had a love for travel, believing it expanded both the body and mind.

Focus Groups – Subject matter Focus Groups were established over a decade ago to develop more internal subject matter experts, to engage people in their passions and interests that might be outside of their day-to-day responsibilities, and to provide a forum where they can share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the staff. Today there are 16-staff led Focus Groups on wide ranging topics including (but not limited to) sustainability, visualization, evidence-based design, building codes, emerging professionals, historic preservation, architectural technologies, building sciences, and office standards to name a few. Each year the firm makes a significant investment in Focus Group budgets to support professional memberships, conference participation, office events, and educational presentations for staff.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Commitment – We believe in an environment of expression and collaboration that is based upon mutual respect, equality, and acceptance. Davis Partnership Architects is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. Here is our full Diversity Program.

Town Hall – Once a month there is an office-wide lunch hosted by leadership and includes short presentations by staff on a broad range of current events going on within the office. Topics include introduction of new staff members, acknowledgement of professional achievements, project news, updates from Focus Groups, upcoming events, community service initiatives, etc.

How We Work – A 2019 initiative where our own staff developed a set of values and principals by which we engage and interact with each other and with our work. This Rules-of-Engagement are our expectations of one another across the board, (up, down and across the organization, and at every level) – how we treat each other, and how we treat our work. Staff have the opportunity to gift each other with postcards each time they witness one of their co-workers, direct reports, or supervisors living and working by one of these values. They can offer these postcards to one another as a pat on the back/token of appreciation.