Kelsey Reker

Interior Designer

Kelsey was born & raised deep within the cornfields of southern Indiana. After job shadowing an architect in 7th grade, she knew right then and there she absolutely preferred to be an interior designer. After playing college softball for 2 years, she attended IUPUI in Indianapolis where she was able to study abroad 3 different times; once in Swaziland, once across Thailand & once in Italy & France where she studied history of architecture & sustainable design practices. Coming from a strong background in K-12 design, she moved to Denver in 2021 and was thrilled to expand her horizons amongst a wide variety of other design markets.

Outside of the Interior Studio, Kelsey loves spending time with her fiancé Taylor & their amazing dog Whiskey, who just so happens to be a Davis Barkitect. Some of their favorite things to do together include exploring the world, camping, snowboarding & hiking in the mountains. Bank account permitting, you could also find her at almost any concert or professional sporting event that Denver has to offer. When she's back home in Indiana spending time with family & friends, she has a nack for building furniture & DIY projects in her grandpa's wood shop.