Lyris Sanchez

Design Professional

Lyris is an adventurous Colorado Native and is a first-generation college student that holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado Denver. Growing up, Lyris’ family has always been involved in construction and through that avenue, she found an interest in the built environment. In college, Lyris discovered a great interest in designing spaces and buildings that contribute to the community economically and aesthetically. She has interned in various local firms and has experience working on residential projects including affordable housing. Healthcare has opened a new perspective in her design process and is always seeking to gain experience to strengthen her skills by collaborating with others.

Growing up in the Denver metro area, it has been exciting to see the growth and change to the city fabric. Being in Denver has offered many opportunities and connections for a more desirable environment to be in.

Lyris is fluent in Spanish and enjoys helping and communicating with other Hispanic colleagues that are interested in the architecture field to provide advice and guidance on the opportunities that can be achieved as a minority.

Outside of the studio, Lyris is a mom who enjoys spending time with family and has other passions like gardening, traveling, exploring the food scene, and hiking.