Micah Holroyd


Micah Holroyd joined Davis in 2015, and considers himself a common-law native, having lived in Colorado since the mid-80s. He's enjoyed watching downtown Denver transform over the years into the vibrant city it is now, and is grateful to have had opportunities to work on projects that help reinforce that urban core with highrise, mixed-use, and civic projects.

He enjoys watching his toddler twins, Arden and Thomas, grow like weeds, with his wife Paige and their crazy dog, Zopi. When the kids are older he'll be sure to indoctrinate them in the mandatory Colorado activities of snowboarding, backpacking, and Red Rocks concerts, but for now he shares in their enjoyment of playgrounds, swimming, and trips to the zoo. He throws in the occasional light-rail trip downtown to see the new buildings going up and kid-friendly art exhibits, in an effort to share with them what brings him joy.