Zach Rupprecht

Landscape Architect Design Professional

Zach Rupprecht graduated from Iowa State University in May 2021 with a degree in Landscape Architecture and a minor in Sustainability. Through ISU's curriculum, Zach was fortunate to travel extensively, including his first visits to Denver and an abbreviated semester in New Zealand in Spring of 2020. He enjoys hiking, road biking, and camping and hopes to get into "real" skiing and rock climbing. He dabbles in guitar and drums and is continually exploring new music venues and breweries in the region.

Within Landscape Architecture, Zach is especially intrigued by spaces that create place attachment, build a sense of community, and evoke pro-environmental behaviors. He enjoys creating new spaces where people gather and life happens. He's also interested in sustainable practices and increasing the resiliency of designs. He looks forward to learning and growing within the profession and advancing design for all into the future.