Sanderson Apartments, Mental Health Center of Denver

  • Category
    Affordable Housing
  • Size
    50,400 sf
  • Complete
    July 2017
  • Location
    Denver, Colorado

Sanderson Apartments is designed to house 60 chronically homeless individuals. Based on the Housing First model and Mental Health Center of Denver’s (MHCD) expertise, the facility will create an environment to help heal, educate and improve the lives of the residents. In conjunction with MHCD’s program and the dynamics of the site location, we designed a “C” shape building with two faces.

  • A public/street face on Federal and Iowa designed and scaled to respond to the urban context. A building viewed from adjacent businesses and passing cars.
  • A private/courtyard face, nestled in the “C” shape, designed and scale to the residential context. A place to arrive, feel welcome and at Home.
The residents, in transitional points in their lives, will be in the facility 24/7. They are free to come and go, but the nature of their past experiences required thoughtful planning and interaction with the building. [Read More]

Project Scope

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Residential
  • Wayfinding & Experiential
  • Sustainability

Award Winning Project

2017 Housing Colorado Eagle Award

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