Davis Partnership Architects established an endowed scholarship for travel in the memory of our founder, Rodney S. Davis, AIA, following his passing in 1997. He was a true gentleman, a civic and professional leader, the President of AIA Colorado in 1963, and the Colorado Architect of the Year in 1990.

The Scholarship, first awarded in 1999, is conferred in odd-numbered years to students enrolled in accredited University Schools of Architecture and in programs leading directly to Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees of Architecture, or graduates within eight years of completion of such programs. It is the goal of the Scholarship to encourage the student of architecture, or an architectural intern engaged in a recognized intern program in an Architect’s office, by providing the experience of international architecture, both historical and current, through travel outside the continental United States.

The goal of the scholarship program is to provide additional opportunities for experiencing, observing, and knowing recognized architecture, historical and/or current in the country or countries of choice. The recipient is encouraged to know the experience of international travel, the understanding of touching, sketching, and recording impressions for their future use, and furthering the development of the knowledge and education of dedicated architectural students or intern architects.

This Scholarship is intended for students who reside in or are from the State of Colorado. A Resident is defined as:

  1. One or more parents of the student having resided in the State of Colorado continuously for one year prior to this application
  2. The student or graduate student has resided in the State of Colorado continuously for one year.

An application can be obtained by emailing: [email protected]

Each applicant is requested to submit a Design for their international architectural study, including itinerary and statements of specific goals or interests. The applicant should indicate where they are interested in traveling, why this area is of particular interest, and how they plan on sharing this travel experience. This statement should be in writing, with illustrations where appropriate, and is not to exceed five pages in length and 11” x 17” in size. The creativity and content of the submission itself will become part of the basis for selection. The selection committee consists of representatives from the firm and the family of Mr. Davis.

The Application Form and Submittal should be sent to:
The Scholarship Committee, Davis Partnership Architects, 2901 Blake St., Suite 100, Denver, Colorado, 80205-2303.
Submissions must be received by March 4, 2021.

The award will consist of a stipend of $4,000: $2,500 initially and $1,500 transmitted to the successful applicant during the study process at a predetermined date and location. The recipient will be expected to provide a visual presentation after the completion of travel.