Places that we are familiar with now look different. Restaurants have moved outside, making dining areas out of parking lots; the hallway to the kitchen is now ‘one way’ only; there are places to stand, places not to stand, paths to travel and distances to keep. All of these procedures and policies are implemented with the intent of keeping people safe, but following them can be difficult, especially when we have to break existing norms to do it. There is where an integrated wayfinding and signage solution can be helpful directionally and psychologically.



Integrated Wayfinding

Wayfinding doesn’t have to be intrusive signs, it can be well considered, integrated cues to help nudge people the right direction. Little reminders integrated into the environment, rather than intrusively placed, can help create new habits and give mental reassurance of being good to yourself and those around you. We have years of experience integrating wayfinding systems into buildings as if we knew this day was coming.

Policies and Procedures

The introduction of sanitation stations and entry protocols are different everywhere, and this is where signage and wayfinding meet policies and procedures. Clearly communicating expectations and procedures helps alleviate frustration and keep people safe and healthy. These thoughtful and intentional procedures combined with clear communication can help re-introduce people to their environment in a safe and sustainable manner.