Our Why Statement

Why We Do What We Do

In early 2013 Davis Partnership Architects’ completed an exercise to define “Why” do what we do, what drives us, and what we contribute to the world. The result of the process was our “Why” statement. Constructed of four distinct elements, individually they are meaningful, but when merged they generate a unique harmony!

Together we are driven,… Egalitarian, Collaborative, Commitment, Passionate, Support
To create spaces that inspire,… Innovation, Aspiration, Spirit, Transcendence
Elevating the joy and dignity,… Fun, Uplifting, Inspirational, Hope
Of the Human experience,… Environmental, Visceral, Livable, Sustainable, Memorable

The Foundations of Our Practice

After understanding the Why, we considered the How. From this, the base of our practice was born and became known as the 5 Foundations. They represent our unwavering commitment to each other, those we serve, and the communities that we influence.

People – Fostering a culture of trust, respect, and empowerment
Firm – Stewardship of the firm’s legacy
Design – Elegant Solutions
Client – Journeying with Clients
Community – Responsibility to Community