Denver Milk Market at Dairy Block

New Food Hall Makes a Splash in LoDo

Located in the Dairy Block building in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood, Denver Milk Market is a dynamic food hall featuring 15 food and beverage venues. Operated in its entirety by Bonanno Concepts, each venue has its own food or beverage offering and needed a unique character to set itself apart. The ultimate goal was to create a one-stop shop to sample a variety of the Owner’s restaurant concepts around Denver.

Once space planning and equipment layouts for the 15 venues were complete, the creative themes were developed. Since each venue was meant to be distinctly its own, the design team created a unique concept for each location. Working closely with Frank and Jacqueline Bonanno, the interior design team created a variety of themes ranging from a 40’s circus vibe, surf shack theme and 50’s style diner to an ellipse-shaped cocktail bar that is cheekily named Moo Bar (identified by the soon-to-be-iconic MOO light fixture floating above it). There’s also a pastry shop whose concept stemmed from the movie cover of The Grand Budapest Hotel. This project has something for everyone’s palate and design aesthetic, and has opened to enthusiastic crowds.

Project Scope

  • Interior Design
  • Lighting
  • Mixed Use
  • Hospitality

Award Winning Project

2019 Award Merit Award: Custom Luminaire for Cornicello lighting fixture
2019 ENR Mountain States Best Projects Awards Interior/Tenant Improvement Award of Merit

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