Sublette County School District #9 Big Piney High School Stadium & Track

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  • Size
    350 seats
  • Complete
    September, 2014
  • Location
    Big Piney, WY

The new Big Piney High School Stadium presents an inspiring athletic venue of a stature that belies its rural western Wyoming town setting having a population less than 600. Occupying the same site as the original facility, the new stadium replaced an existing track, field, and spectator seating that no longer met the district’s minimum criteria for function and safety. The design team was charged with delivering the project without interrupting any home football games or spring track events, leaving a construction window of a mere four months.

The asphalt track and natural turf field were replaced with a full pour polyurethane track surface and synthetic turf. The grade elevations of these components were raised to promote proper drainage and address other drainage issues within the relatively flat limits of construction.

The stadium building features seating for 350 spectators, concessions, public restrooms, field storage, and a press box uniquely flanked by dual coaches boxes. Two plazas border the ends of spectator seating in response to a cultural characteristic of some Big Piney fans that stand and follow the line of scrimmage as it moves up and down the field. This amenity allows roving spectators full movement between the two 20 yard lines while promoting an active and social spectator experience.

The form of the stadium was derived from internal functional requirements and in recognition of the necessity for protection from severe western winds. Its hierarchical form serves to shelter the seated spectators, optimize viewing, and aid in providing a sense of enclosure to enhance the ‘game day’ feel. Site walls on either end of the stadium extend parallel to the sideline to further promote that sense of enclosure while acting as an additional win break for roving spectators.

Project Scope

  • Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Recreation

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