Wyoming Medical Center – Interventional Radiology Suite and Hybrid Operating Room

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    Spring 2020
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    Casper, WY

The Wyoming Medical Center Interventional Radiology Suite supports a new array of interventional and surgical services available nowhere else in the State of Wyoming. The advanced biplane system installed in the room facilitates the scheduled diagnosis and treatment of cardiac, neurological, vascular conditions. The room will also be used to treat emergent stroke, diabetic, vascular, and cardiac conditions, providing for much improved outcomes for patients whose previously distant proximity to such services resulted in delayed or non-treatment.

The project, in association with Amundsen Associates, includes a large bi-plane operating room, control room and all required surgical support spaces in a semi-restricted suite. The initial construction also includes a complete outpatient care suite with 2 patient rooms with private bathrooms that support pre-surgery, anesthesia recovery and phase 2 recovery. This arrangement allows patients to stay within a single patient room throughout their stay. The medical staff is also supported with a dictation space adjacent to the control room and consult area. An expansion of 3 more rooms are planned, as well as a CT room to support additional diagnostic and treatment services.

The project area was a transformation of an abandoned cafeteria into a state-of-the-art interventional/surgical suite. The project required a greater ceiling height than the former 1 story cafeteria space offered, so above the new interventional/surgery area, a new roof was constructed above the old roof, and then the old roof was demolished. The new patient rooms were limited in height as they sit below an existing patient tower.

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