MC3-RR (Mobile Transportable Clean Cube for Rapid Response Applications)

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    275 sf / each unit
  • Complete
    March, 2020
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    Mobile Units

The MC3-RR “Mobile Transportable Clean Cube for Rapid Response Applications”, a mobile version of the patented CLEAN CUBE Medical System was a collaboration with Davis Partnership Architects and Synergy Med Global Design Solutions to treat patients in the field and help with the current COVID-19 pandemic.

These are modular units designed for rapid response, multi-use healthcare environments. Each being durable, expandable, upgradeable and fully transportable. Unique features include:

  • A universal infrastructure that allows for quick and easy on-site modification into different care, testing, triaging and housing modalities.
  • Technology which allows for automated leveling and connecting in the field for more efficient assembly and multiple unit configurations.
  • Patented automated or manual cleaning cycle with NTD-HP Vapor (hydrogen peroxide vapor) for greater than 6-log decontamination.
  • Hermetically sealing care modules to support disinfection cycle, patient isolation, or to protect personnel from outside chemical or environmental hazards. Each unit has dedicated air handling units with pharmaceutical grade HEPA filtration.
  • Designed for urban and rural use with capabilities to connect to the grid for power/water/waste. As well as off-grid power options and integrated potable water/waste systems.

Units are built and scheduled for delivery to Texas and the Southeast United States for review and demonstration. The goal is to have these units available to corporate facilities, healthcare facilities, and military applications for ready response needs whether it be man-made disaster, natural disaster, or pandemics. These units represent the most advanced clean, clinical and multi-use environment aimed at improving treatment and protection for patients and caregivers.

Project Scope

  • Architecture
  • Healthcare

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